BOOK REVIEW:Dear Mr. M by Herman Koch

9781101903322  This is a literary mystery about some nasty people who have some god-awful secrets and plans. The storytelling is phenomenal.

This is one intricate plot, juicy as hell. But it’s so damn complicated, I got confused. In fact, though I absolutely love Koch’s style, language, insights, and his totally sicko characters, I have to look seriously at how confused I was throughout the read. This is not a book that I could read in large doses , yet it wasn’t a book that I could let sit for a few days either .

I gave this book 4/5 Stars.

Here is a link to the publishers site so you can read up on the book and get excerpts

Publishing Info

Author’s Bio

LEGAL BIT: I was sent this book by Blogging For Books In Return for my honest review



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