Pt. 1 mini review for Troubled Daughters, Twisted Wives edited by Sarah Weinman

“The Heroine” by Patricia Highsmith (Harper’s Bazaar,1945)

To be honest I  was not a huge fan of this story. It was way too short for what she was trying to get across. 2.5/5

Reason 1. Massive info drop in middle. 2. Say’s that the MC is normal when you know she is unstable. 3. Works up to an insane ending then just ends it. 

Like your sitting there just going wait am I missing some pages? In short it makes me not even want to read any of her full length novels.

I found this one disappointing.



Harry Potter, SPN, Tea/Coffee, Rain/Snow, Marvel, Hedgehog's, Doctor Who, Sloth's, Wintercraft, Steampunk, BAMF females, GrishaVerse, Dragon's & Cat's.

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