BOOK REVIEW: Hekla’s Children by James Brogden

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OMG Scattie is a BAMF! I love her. Nathan’s fate still haunts me even tho I know it had to go down like that! I love how the author got so much info in each chapter without info dumping or boring the fuck out of you!

This book is a freaking roller coaster ride from start to finish. I love how James uses Lore and Mythology to base his evil creature on!

I am a huge fan of Joe Hill. And I totally got Joe Hill vibes off and on through this book! A must read for any horror fan!

This is a 5 star book for sure. If you do have an issue with the word Fuck then you might want to pass on this one!

I’m eager to get his next book in 2018 called The Hollow Tree.

He is a true master of story telling in my book!



Harry Potter, SPN, Tea/Coffee, Rain/Snow, Marvel, Hedgehog's, Doctor Who, Sloth's, Wintercraft, Steampunk, BAMF females, GrishaVerse, Dragon's & Cat's.

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